How can you prevent email list fatigue to leads and customers? The key is this little-known, but powerful strategy …
Condition your readers to see each of your communications as giving them value :

  • Increasing their bottom line
  • Making life more enjoyable
  • Satisfying an immediate need

Here are the top 4 ways to combat email list fatigue:

  1. Provide worthy content

What’s on your reader’s mind? Hook into news headlines and fresh information with compelling writing. If your copy includes current data and references, you’ll consistently see an increase in response.
Look at this email my agency created for an investment client–a JOBS Act project raising private capital.
It’s informational. It has great content for the target audience and causes accelerated investment.

  1. Decrease the hype and provide value

The Bed, Bath & Beyond message goes beyond a good offer … it provides easy-to-understand product information. Promotions are good; so are white papers, product announcements that satisfy a need, and how-to’s that serve the customer.

  1. Use a consistent FROM: Name and email address

People buy from people they like and people they trust. Test subject lines. Keep your FROM line consistent.

  1. Supercharge your subjects!

Your subject line can be garbage or gold. Cute, dull, and bland don’t work. Be intriguing, make a promise, create curiosity. Write 10 to 20 subject lines for each email before choosing the best one—and test 2 or 3.
And subject lines do make a difference. In the above example, we tried:
Subject Line A: [BREAKING] New mobile app profit opportunity
Subject Line B: Revolutionary new mobile app poised to soar
Subject Line A got 9% more clicks!
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