Marketers can and should test every individual campaign to see where they can improve customer response and learn important information for the future.
By testing one variable (such as teaser copy, price, offer, or format) you can see what makes a difference, and what does not. This information will lead to a higher return on investment with each mailing.
This week’s test was created by GA Wright to find out whether envelope color can affect responses rates for business to business marketing.

Colored Envelopes (Credit:

The test: A control package was developed that featured a white envelope with a small yellow graphic which stated, “Turn old inventory into cash now … see inside for details.” The test package featured a bright yellow envelope with the same call out graphic.
The result: The control generated a higher response rate than the brightly colored envelope by 13%. Although it’s important for your direct mail piece to stand out in mailboxes, in this case the more costly yellow envelope actually depressed response.
Do you think you know why?
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