Here are the top 16 Direct Marketing Update videos from this year.
These are the articles that you must watch
These are the ones that were the most useful and interesting.
They were the 2016 all-stars.
You won’t want to miss them!

  1. Avoid These 10 Deal Killers at All Costs

Do you want to supercharge your sales?
You need to avoid these 10 deal killers.
In this video, you will learn:

  • How to create great copy
  • How to bring in big results
  • How to increase your prospects and profits!

Watch the video here!

  1. Why Retargeting is a Game Changer

Want a cheap trick for reaching more prospects and picking up more leads?
Use banner ads!
Use retargeting!
Find out how to:

  • Gain more leads
  • Make more money
  • Reinforce your marketing
  • Remind your prospects to complete the sales

Check out my video here.

  1. Direct Mail: Envelope Success Secrets

Copy in your direct mail is crucial.
But so is the copy on your envelope!
Don’t miss this important video.
You’ll learn a new trick that will:

  • Improve your bottom line
  • Increase your response
  • Grab your prospect’s attention when they look at on an envelope
  • Force them to open your envelope!

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  1. JOBS Act: Raising Capital with Private Investors

Raising capital with private investors is now easier than ever.
With President-Elect Trump’s new Security Exchange Commissioner, marketing to investors to raise private capital should be easier than ever.
Furthermore, a Trump administration should remove the rules and regulations which have made job growth and wealth creation so difficult.
Now is the perfect time to get better acquainted with the JOBS Act!
Watch this webinar, and we explain how!
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  1. How to Increase Response: Offer and Premium

50% of the success or failure of your campaign depends on your offer.
What is one of the most critical components of an offer?
It’s often overlooked or downplayed, but its hurts response.
Here is a two-minute video brief. Click here.

  1. The Bookalog: 98% of Companies Overlook This Powerful Marketing Success Strategy

You’re one of the 98% if you’ve never considered a “bookalog.”
What’s a bookalog? It looks and feels like a book, but it’s actually a persuasive sales piece for your product or service.
When it’s done right, your prospects won’t be able to tell the difference.
The format alone builds the credibility of its author—usually the president, entrepreneur, expert, or personality representing your company. Why? Because people trust an author as an authority. This additional credibility then persuades the reader to respond to your message.
What differentiates a bookalog from other books is that …
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  1. Caleb Huey: How a New Law—the JOBS Act—is Revolutionizing Business and Investment [Video]

NewsmaxTV interviewed Caleb Huey at FreedomFest 2016.
Watch him discuss the regulatory burdens of the current government, the advantages and innovations available to us because of the JOBS Act, and the opportunities available to investors now plus hopes for the future.
Click here.
Or you can watch our JOBS Act webinar here.

  1. Videolog Produces 14% Response Rate

A videolog is a direct mail piece that contains a video
The videolog is awesome for a lead generation conversion series, high-end donor, client up-sell, or product introduction.
But it can also be a powerful lead generation tool.
Architectural design firm Anderson saw a 14% response rate that has now generated $258,000 and expects to add another $699,000 in sales.
Anderson sent out a direct mail piece with a strong sales letter, a 4-page brochure that when opened contained a video, that plays when opened. The video can run from 3 to 30 minutes.
Here is an example Where I show you how this works.
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  1. Marketing Confusion: What Media to Use or Not to Use [Video]

Want to grow your profits without wasting time or money?
Choosing the right medium for your campaign is crucial!
Should you use direct mail? Banner ads? Or should you use more than one?
In this video, you will learn to evaluate the best media for your campaign based on the following criteria:

  • Objectives: What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Who is the audience you are trying to reach?
  • How are you going to target your audience?

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Craig Huey, President - CDMG Inc.

  1. How to Create a Winning Landing Page

How do you bring in leads on your website?
Don’t use your corporate website. Too much navigation, too many distractions, and too few leads will follow.
What you need is a landing page!
Landing pages have:

  • Strong direct response copy
  • Winning Testimonials
  • Videos which grab your prospects and get their attention
  • Easy calls to action which won’t lose your prospects

To learn more, click here.

  1. Copywriting: The Power of Believing [Video]

Do you believe in what you are selling?
If you don’t, your prospects won’t believe it, and they won’t buy!
Watch this video, and you will learn how write strong copy that brings in prospects, supercharges your sales, and skyrockets your profits! (About 2 min)
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  1. Magalog Secrets … That No One is Using!

Do you want to stand out from the competition?
Do you want a direct mail sales piece that will drive up response and sales?
Then you need to use a magalog!
In this video, you will learn how a magalog will:

  • Help you stand out from competition
  • Grab a prospect’s attention
  • Get past the gate keepers
  • And why it’s a powerful tool to generate leads or sales for both consumers and B2B marketers

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  1. 3-D Campaign Generates Over 20% Response from Targeted Audiences [Video]

One of the most powerful response rates I’ve seen have been from 3-D campaigns for business-to-business and consumer audiences.
I’m not talking about movies from the 1980’s. I mean a special campaign featuring a dynamic, hands-on three-dimensional mailing piece which target small audiences and get big margins.
A three-dimensional piece isn’t a traditional direct mail flat letter or postcard. It’s a box with powerful content and a “Wow!” factor.
Sometimes there is one effort … others three or four.
Here is a two-part campaign I did:
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  1. Who Really is an American? [Video]

Here is a powerful infographic that gives you an idea of the demographic make-up of the United States—religions, politics, and more.
Watch here.

  1. The JOBS Act: 7 Things You Need to Know [Video]

Do you want to raise capital for your business?
Do you want to avoid the bureaucratic hassle of Wall Street Bankers and stockbrokers?
Do you want to reach out to investors without unnecessary government interference?
Then you need to learn about the JOBS Act!
Check out my video below, and find out how this new law in financial investing can help you and your business!
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  1. Image Advertising vs. Direct Marketing: What You Need to Know [Video]

Should you rely on images, or use direct response marketing?
With direct response, you are guaranteed a marketing campaign which is:

  • Targeted to your audience
  • Tested based on different assumptions
  • Accountable with time and resources

Check out my video comparing the two forms of advertising, and find out what a direct response is the best way to go for your next campaign!
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