Here are the top 16 Direct Marketing Update articles from this year.
These are the articles that you must read.
These are the ones that were the most controversial.
They got the most comments or forwards.
They were the 2016 all-stars.
You won’t want to miss this!

  1. 21 Surprising Forecasts and Trends for 2016

  2. The New Integrated Marketing and Advertising Breakthrough: 11 Little-Known Steps to Double or Triple Your Leads, Sales, and Profits in 2017

  3. Crowdfunding Campaign Supercharges Response With Powerful Offer

  4. How True Religion Jeans Went From Idea to Million Dollar Company

  5. How to Dramatically Increase Your Sales: Morningside Resort

  6. Marketing to Parents and Grandparents: GeoSafari Captures Big Sales with This Wildly Successful Magalog!

  7. Accutrade: How a Three-Dimensional Direct Mail Campaign Changed Everything

  8. Direct Response Radio: Overlooked Opportunity

  9. Make Infomercials Work For You

  10. Direct Mail: SurfControl–Two proven strategies to generate leads [Video]

  11. Banner Ads: 7 Little Known Secrets to Boost Your Response

  12. Converting Free Website Users to Premium Subscribers

  13. Web Strategy: Your #1 Way to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

  14. The $350 Million Buyout, Thanks to the Special Marketing Campaign

  15. “Hard-to-Reach” Prospects: How to Double Your Response [Video]

  16. Sun Chlorella: From Start-Up to Multi-Million Dollar Company

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