Most marketers will put the name of their company and logo at the top of the letterhead.
Big mistake.
The name of your company means absolutely nothing to your prospects. And in fact, it can depress your response.
This may sound like heresy, but think about it.
When your prospects first glance at your sales letter with a traditional letterhead, the first thing they see is your company name, logo, and maybe the tag line.
This information doesn’t create a desire for your prospects to read. Instead, they judge your offer based on just a glance at your company name and logo.
If they don’t know who you are, why should they care? Why should they be wasting their time on you? Right away you’ve lost readership.
Worse, if they have heard of you and have already prejudged what you are going to say, you’re doomed immediately.
And if they don’t know you, and they are seeing your name for the first time, they might get the wrong impression about who you are and what your company offers. You only have a few seconds to hook a prospect.
Here is a little secret to help boost response …
To increase response, put your masthead with the company name and logo on the last page at the bottom, after your signature and P.S. What will happen is that your prospect will read your message and the result will be higher sales.
Please check out this letter below, which I created for one of my clients, Wine of the Month Club:
Notice the first page:

Wine of the Month Club, Front Page—No Logo, No Masthead
Now compare the first page with the last page of the letter:

Wine of the Month Club, Last Page: Notice the Logo on the bottom
Notice the placement of the company name and logo is on the last page. The first page of the letter starts with copy, nothing else.
The only exception to this rule is with your current customers and leads whom you know are dying to read your next direct mail piece.
Remember: Direct response marketing is often counterintuitive!
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