Launching a new product and a new concept is never easy.
But with the right strategy, copy and media it can be done successfully and profitably.
Let me give you an example.
I received a call from Dr. Bart DiLiddo, who had a brilliant concept: It was a revolutionary new investment service called VectorVest.
Dr. DiLiddo had just created an online objective investment service that makes it easy for people to invest in a variety of styles with the latest computer-generated algorithms.
But 15 years ago, that was unheard of, so I had to:

  1. Educate and Convince: Since this was a new concept, I had to educate the prospect on the idea, not just product. Plus, I had to convince investors that an online investment service was user-friendly and could help them in their investments. At the time, investors used hard copy newsletters only.


  1. Overcome Objections: For example, I was preemptive in my approach, anticipating objections to overcome the price of a more expensive product. Most investment services were cheaper. So, I built up an irresistible offer, guarantee, and low introductory price.


  1. Cut Through the Clutter: For example, I created a marketing plan to successfully launch a new online investment service in a very crowded investment market with a revolutionary new service. Once it was launched, the goal was to build it into one of the largest online services in the world.

So, my CDMG team created the positioning, branding and the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Plus, we used Dr. DiLiddo as the star personality and spokesman.
Our team started off creating a winning envelope mailing with powerful direct response copy and art. And after successfully breaking through the clutter for a couple of years, we shifted to a tabalog-sized mailing piece that supercharged the response and growth.
What is a tabalog? It’s an oversized magazine format that allowed us to dramatically present our message.
The tabalog style was able to show the charts necessary to convey VectorVest’s message – an infomercial in print. Powerful direct response copy was used in a 20-page, 4-colored self-mailer.
Over the years, in addition to the tabalog – landing pages, emails and banner ads were created for VectorVest.
CDMG even turned the marketing copy from English to German and then marketed internationally.
Despite the ups and downs of competitive investment services, many losing 50% or more of their subscriber base, VectorVest was successfully launched and grown. In fact, the small unknown service has become the dominant player among investment services, growing into the largest online service in the world.
We created hundreds of tests, mailing over 60 million tabalogs.
VectorVest dominated the online investment service industry.
CDMG won 2 Gold Awards from the Internet Advertising Association in different years, and the Web Marketing Association. Plus 2 Gold Awards in different years from the Newsletter Industry Group.
Dr. Bart DiLiddo said: “Craig Huey is the best direct marketer in the business. He launched and built my service – the largest online service in the world.”
Tabalog vs. Magalog – What’s the Difference? Here’s a 3-minute video brief on what they are.

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