ATTN: Crowdfunding has been a buzzword for some time, and rightfully so. Kickstarter disrupted startup capital with their model, and the JOBS Act has provided huge opportunities for companies looking for investors. The one thing that makes or breaks a capital raise however, is marketing.
Companies are encouraged to put a strong marketing budget together, and have a set plan, as a qualification for being accepted onto a crowdfunding platform. Many companies lack the knowledge in how to properly market the investment into their company, rather than the company’s product, service, or niche. One Ad Agency has stepped into the gap to help navigate these new crowdfunding campaigns under the JOBS Act.
Emerging brands from REAL water (, to Tech E-Commerce Start Ups with Seed venture from Shark Tanks Kevin Harrington called StarShop (, are all turning to one ad agency that mixes an old school approach, with new technology to identify investors for companies, not just customers or brand enthusiasts.
“Many crowdfunding campaigns fail because they market the investment into their company to their retail or customer audience, rather than investors,” says Caleb Huey, VP of Business Development. “A brand may have good sales and a fantastic product, but their customer base may have never invested a dime of their money in their life, and they likely won’t. That’s why you need to market your offering to investors, rather than your customers. Luckily we can also Identify how many of your current customers are also investors…”
CDMG Inc. has pioneered the investment marketing field for over 35 years, mixing human behavior science, and big data. Their methodical approach to marketing is different from branding or awareness, and targets investors directly and comprehensively. These principals have generated billions of dollars in investments, Assets Under Management, and shareholders for emerging companies.
For questions about the JOBS Act, and how to market an investment to the crowd, contact Caleb Huey at CDMG Inc. for more information at (310) 212-5727 or