For the first time in 80 years, you can market your investment opportunity directly to the public.

For the first time in 80 years, you can directly develop powerful financial partnerships with investors who could help you transform your business.

For the first time in 80 years, you are no longer held back by arbitrary, stifling regulation that holds you back from seeing your business potentially rapidly expand and grow.

The JOBS Act could help you transform your business…and see profits skyrocket.

Here are three steps to take advantage of the revolutionary opportunities under the JOBS Act:

  1. Choose a category to raise capital.

Under the JOBS Act, you have three options to raise capital: Regulation A+, Regulation 506C and Regulation CF.

Regulation A+ : Regulation A+ is by far the best way to raise capital. It enables you to raise capital from any investor (not just accredited investors, which you’ll soon learn about), enables you to raise up to $50 million and can become a fast-track to going public.

The disadvantage of Regulation A+ is that it requires more money and paperwork to be able to qualify with the SEC.

Regulation 506C: Regulation 506C limits you to exclusively marketing your investment opportunities to accredited investors – individuals who meet certain financial requirements. However, you can raise an unlimited amount of funds, given that you do not raise capital from more than 2,000 investors.

Regulation CF: Regulation CF is extremely limited. You must use an equity crowdfunding platform such as SeedInvest, and you can only raise up to $1 million.

I recommend Regulation A+ to business owners and entrepreneurs, as it gives you the most freedom and flexibility to raise large amounts of capital. However, Regulation 506C can also be used to for significant returns on equity crowdfunding.

  1. Create a multichannel, integrated marketing campaign to the investor.

For a successful equity crowdfunding campaign, you’ll need to create a targeted multichannel marketing campaign to the investor. This type of marketing campaign crosses multiple channels, including direct mail, email, digital ads, pre-roll ads and more.

This way, your prospects will see your marketing materials multiple times – and be reminded of your powerful, unique offer. For example, they may visit your landing page, then receive your direct mail piece, then receive a follow-up email and see your digital ads.

Finally, all of your marketing materials must use powerful direct response copy. This is copy that is “you”-oriented, and emphasizes the benefits of your offer to the prospect.

  1. Test and analyze the results of your campaign.

Test, test and test again. In order to improve the results of your marketing campaign – and raise the capital you need – you’ll need to test every element of your marketing campaign, including the kind of copy, graphics and other variables.

Testing ensures that you have a marketing campaign that’s accountable.

Finally, analyze the results so that you can get the best possible cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale.

These three steps are powerful starting points for successful equity crowdfunding…helping you to raise the capital under the transformative new legislation of the JOBS Act.

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