Sometimes you run a test, and you don’t see a lot of difference.
Many times, you can see a clear winner.
And on occasion, there’s a grand slam!
Case in point:
How about a headline that wins by an average of 600%?
Intelligent Investor Report tested two different email blasts, changing only the superscript headline and the subhead above the salutation – all other copy and art stayed the same.
And while “Russia” is the subject, the target audience is the U.S. investor – before all the Russia controversy.
Here are the two combinations of headline and subhead.
See which one you think produced the greater response, then read the results.

  1. “If you’re hungry for 500% profits, this internationally

known pizza brand is ready to deliver.”
As Russians demand more fast-foot options … hordes of European investors are cashing in on the trend.

  1. “Fast food, fast profits”

With oil fueling the Russian economy and giving consumers more money to spend, one company can barely open restaurants fast enough and could soon earn you 5 times your money.
The winner?
It was Headline #1. Did you guess right?
The creative copy in Headline #1 beat Headline #2 … by 339.27%!!!
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