To dramatically increase your leads and sales one of the powerful techniques we use for clients is called a “custom list.”
What is a “custom list”?
A custom list targets a very specific audience of prospects and/or customers that are far more likely to respond to your advertising and marketing efforts.

This banner ad is targeted to a prospect that has already shown interest.

It’s serving banner ads, Facebook ads and more to a tightly targeted audience where your ads are seen multiple times by this group.
It can be used for both existing customers and prospects, to target people who have already shown an interest in your product or service, or who are more likely to buy your product or service.
You can also segment custom lists into even tighter subgroups for even more targeted marketing.
For example, for one client we segmented his customer’s list by product purchase. For another, by political interest on gun rights, religious freedom, free market and health care. Each segment got a specific ad.
I’m doing a campaign now with a custom list that’s broken down with separate ads going to these clients:

  • Active subscribers/ members
  • Former subscribers/ members
  • Product purchases
  • Conference attendees
  • Direct mail prospects from rented lists
  • Email prospects from rented lists

Want to influence a group? I have created a custom list for an advocacy campaign, including:

  • City elected officials
  • State legislatures
  • Congressmen/ senators
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Conservatives
  • Libertarians

All get a special ad with distinct objectives — a multimedia campaign to highly targeted audiences.

A custom list allows you to run targeted Facebook ads to potential customers.

A custom list reaches your targeted audience through different digital platforms, including:

  • Google
  • Youtube Pre-Roll
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • And More

Banner ads target using custom lists target prospects that have already shown interest.
A custom list allows you to increase visibility in front of a responsive audience, and prevents you from wasting time on non-targeted campaigns that result in poor quality leads and low response.
To deliver a digital marketing message that targets only a select group of people- and gets a powerful response- use custom lists.
It’s a highly targeted and efficient way to reach high-quality prospects, market to your current customers, and boost sales quickly and efficiently.
If you would like to learn more about how to use a custom list to boost your business today, contact Caleb Huey to discuss how we can help you strategize.
Write him at or call me at 310-212-5727.