What makes a landing page that creates response and profits?
They opened your mail (email or print) or clicked your Facebook ad, and now…instead of being intrigued…they’re bored stiff or confused—or just annoyed.
And then they’re gone.
Whether you spend thousands of dollars for a remarkable direct mail package or a few bucks for a pay-per-click banner ad, you don’t want to waste a dime by having an anti-marketing landing page for greeting new visitors and generating leads and sales.
So…what makes an excellent landing page?
Easy…these 7 basic tactics do it right:

  1. No navigation distractions
  2. A strong, powerful, benefit-oriented headline that corresponds to the message that brought the visitor. One example of a great headline we used is How to protect and grow your money in the inflationary times ahead, which we used for Lear Capital, which deals in precious metals and is well-known in investment circles.
  3. The call to action (CTA) in the sidebar in the upper-right corner of the desktop, and at the top for mobile.
  4. Enough copy to convince and reinforce the first message from the email, web ad, direct mail or whatever drove them to the landing page.
  5. Use of direct response copy and direct response art
  6. An efficient, 1- or 2-step process for the shopping cart.
  7. Copy and graphics, testimonials or video examples reinforcing benefits you offer to buyers, often on the right side of the page.

Never, never drive the prospect to your main corporate website—or violate these 7 tactics of the special webpage you send them to. 
Let’s take a look at a landing page for one client that illustrates these points:
Super Food Weight Loss Accelerator is an alternative health product that is extremely effective in helping clients reach optimum health and weight levels. On the mobile landing page we created for them, distractions are non-existent and, therefore, do not take a viewer away—and you can see that we have a strong headline: New Weight Loss Accelerator with 4X More Power…Melts Away as Much as 24 ½ Pounds of Fat in 90 Days.

Critical here is the use of convincing direct response copy. It’s unique in that it uses persuasive adjectives and strong verbs.
To accentuate important points, applying boldface or color (we used red in this example) to type brings that out and speaks directly to readers; especially those who might skim copy looking for summary information.
The landing page includes enough copy to convince and reinforce the first message, and testimonials from satisfied customers with photos to strengthen their words.
To find out more about what makes a good direct marketing landing page, watch this short video (it’s less than 3 minutes).
If you need help with these 7 website design components, email me at craig@cdmginc.com.