Superlatives can be counterproductive to your direct marketing campaign.
For example, when creating copy for the outside of an envelope, don’t say, “Our product is the best in the industry.”
Raving about your product with an ‘est’ word without backing it up with facts will damage your response, and you will lose the trust of your prospect.
However, using superlatives that support your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) will help sell your products over the competition. These kinds of superlatives help promote your strongest customer benefit and show your customer how your product stands apart.
For example, if you sell a financial management system that helps earn customers’ money while simultaneously being the simplest to navigate, say that your software is “the easiest to use.” This sets your product apart from the others, and it’s a specific claim that you can back up.
Using the ‘est’ principle and crafting a profitable USP is a struggle many people face. The key is to focus on the benefits that make your product stand out from the competition and satisfy a prospect’s need.
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