Make sure your prospects are getting the message you intend to send
Misunderstandings happen. Sometimes you say one thing, and the other person hears something completely different.
While situations like this may lead to some funny TV sitcom plots, it’s completely disastrous if it happens in your advertising campaign.
Sometimes, the message your prospect is receiving is the exact opposite of the message you intended to send.
 Here’s one quick example—the trust issue:
You want your prospects to trust you. After all, you run a stand-up business and sell a quality product, and you want to differentiate yourself from other less reputable businesses.
And so in your sales copy, you tell your prospects that they can trust you.
Here’s the problem: Your prospects aren’t going to trust you just because you tell them to.
You actually have to earn that trust.
And when you say to your prospect, “You can trust me,” without backing that up with certifiable proof, you sound exactly like the con men you’re trying to distance yourself from.
Instead, focus on the real benefits of your product.
Focus on proving your claims, and focus on getting real, hard-hitting testimonials. If you can do all that, you’ll win their trust—and their business.
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