Direct mail is still one of the best ways to market your product or service…even in an online world.
Here are three must-know, transformational reasons direct mail still works.

Transformation Reason #1: Transactional data modeling

When used with direct mail, this is one of the most targeted and effective ways to reach your ideal audience—the prospects who will convert to loyal customers, and purchase from you again and again.
Transactional data modeling uses transactional data to build the “perfect prospect”—the person who is the most likely to purchase from you.
We use advanced data modeling strategies to profile prospects based on their purchase history, their income, spending habits, their subscriptions, charitable giving and how much they spend on different items.

Transformation Reason #2: Multichannel marketing to the same names

When you use direct mail as a part of an integrated, multichannel campaign sent to the same names, you’ll see incredible response from direct mail prospects.
Prospects who receive your direct mail packages will also receive emails with the same message in their inboxes, on their Facebook newsfeeds, before the videos they watch on YouTube, on Google and anywhere else they may visit on the internet. The message and wording remain consistent across every channel, and they link to a single landing page.
An integrated campaign gets a much higher response rate because it retargets prospects over and over…and gives them multiple opportunities to respond to your offer.

Transformational Reason #3: Using the right direct response copy, art, offer and format

It’s critical that you use the principles of direct response marketing in all of your direct mail pieces.
This includes direct response copy with “you” orientation that clearly highlights the benefits of your offer.
Using the correct format is also key to getting a high response. If your offer is more complex to explain, consider using a magalog or newsalog format for your direct mail piece.
Learn more about direct mail in the 3-minute video below (if video doesn’t load, try refreshing the page).

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