Through the years, we have found the response between genders can sometimes be surprisingly different depending on the look and copy content of an advertising campaign.
Males and females usually respond differently to format, creative approach, color, pictures, offer, benefits and copy.
Test: We tested one client’s direct mailing for gender response. We sent out three separate campaigns for the same product, each piece containing different copy. We named the tests Creative 1, Creative 2 and Creative 3.

  • Creative 1Males: 1.16%, Females: 1.28%
  • Creative 2 Males: 0.82%, Females: 0.84%
  • Creative 3 – Males: 1.23%, Females: 1.05%

This proves how important it is to test gender response and, when you can, select your audience.
There have been several times when we thought a certain list would fail, but because of gender selection, it was instead a success.
Also, be creative. In one case, we used a woman’s subscription list. 14% of the list’s subscribers were male, so by selecting male only, it gave us profitable names.
For investors, we tested the same script with a male spokesperson and the same script with a female spokesperson.
The audience was over 80% male for the investment cable TV audience.
The male audience produced over a 68% increase in response.
How has your response varied between genders? Email me at to tell me about your experience.
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