Always approach copywriting from a position of authority. The feel of the copy, the tone, the energy—must come across as authoritative.
Authoritative copy is copy that uses specific information, details, figures and facts that will resonate.
Your readers must feel confident that the copy is speaking to them with conviction. Your copy has to relate to their challenges and solve their concerns.
I just finished a campaign for an investment newsletter with a focus on a lithium investment. I said:
Since last November’s U.S. Presidential election, the price of lithium prices are up an astounding 400%.
Most of what’s driving the red-hot lithium market is a worldwide surge in consumer demand for electric vehicles.
And according to Morningstar analysts, lithium demand will continue to soar, rising 16% per year over the next decade – faster than any other major commodity.
In other words, over the next decade demand will double – and then double again.
Notice how I used specific statistics and firm predictions to create a tone of authority.
Here are some more examples of authoritative copy:

1. Speak to the heart—with authority.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent many a sleepless night worrying about credit card debt. But now you can sleep like a baby with one phone call to…

2. Use detail to speak with authority.

Unlike regular cartridges, MAGMA-X uses a patented silicone casing with a precision 0.003cm Teflon surround. Developed by the scientists at Jet Propulsion Laboratories this casing improves your range and maximizes the spread of your shot.

3. Use credibility to speak with authority.

As a pediatrician and a former Surgeon General of the United States, the new BabySafe Car Seat System not only meets U.S. safety standards, it’s the only one my family uses.
Powerful web copy, email copy, direct mail copy, digital copy and TV and radio copy all must have an authoritative approach in the words selected and in how sentences are phrased.
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