In over 40 years of helping clients to market their products and dramatically grow their businesses, I have discovered that one type of marketing approach is by far the most effective: multichannel, integrated marketing.
A multichannel, integrated approach doesn’t just rely on one channel to drive prospects to your landing page or to “close the deal.”
It spreads your name.
It increases response to each channel.
It increases response overall—giving you a lower cost per lead and sale.
And, since response is larger overall, you grow faster.
It combines marketing across multiple channels to advertise your offer again and again to the same prospects. You will market the same offer –with one message and theme- across all channels, including:

  • Direct mail
  • Facebook ads
  • Email
  • Pre-roll ads
  • Amazon ads
  • Banner ads

….all to the same prospects.
Bottom line: By deploying the same marketing materials across each of these channels, you’ll see incredible response—and profits.
Here are 7 powerful benefits to multichannel, integrated marketing:

Benefit #1: You get higher response from each channel.

Multichannel, integrated marketing doesn’t just increase overall response—it increases response from each channel.
For example, if a prospect has seen a Facebook ad for your offer, he or she is more likely to respond to your targeted direct mail piece advertising the same offer.

Benefit #2: Your cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale are lower.

 Multichannel, integrated marketing actually works to lower your cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale because it is more targeted and effective.
With this approach, you won’t waste money on marketing efforts that fail again and again…you’ll get a higher response the first time around.

Benefit #3: Multichannel, integrated marketing means more leads and more customers in the long run.

A multichannel, integrated approach means more work upfront: you will have to create a campaign that is customized for every channel. But in the long run, this type of marketing campaign will earn you more leads…and more customers.

Benefit #4: You give prospective customers the impression of a widespread presence and high budget.

When prospects see your offer advertised again and again—in their email inboxes, on banner ads and in the mailboxes—they will start to believe you must run a billion-dollar company with a huge presence.
The reality is that your offer is targeted only to them—not everyone is seeing your ads and marketing materials. But multiple impressions lend you credibility and helps dramatically improve your reputation.

Benefit #5: A multichannel, integrated campaign gives prospects multiple opportunities to say “yes” to your offer.

Prospects who are curious but hesitant about your offer will most likely say “yes” after the fourth or fifth time they have seen your offer advertised.

Benefit #6: You target your ideal prospects with the same marketing materials.

A multichannel, integrated campaign helps you target your ideal prospects with the same marketing materials. For example, in direct mail we used advanced data modeling to prospect the “perfect prospect,” which relies on a prospect’s transaction history to determine how likely they are to buy from you.
You can also use “lookalike” audiences to create an audience that mimics your current customer or prospect list. Lookalike audiences can be used on multiple platforms, including Facebook and Amazon.

Benefit #7: You retarget prospects, powerfully increasing response.

Retargeting will be one of your most powerful tools to increasing response. A multichannel, integrated marketing campaign allows you to retarget prospects who have visited your landing page with email marketing, banner ads and direct mail.
Using this strategy, you increase response from prospects who have shown an interest in your offer but have not followed through with a purchase.
I’ve used this new dynamic approach for over 50 client campaigns in the last two years. I’d love to show you how you can also use it. Watch the video below to learn more [if video doesn’t load, try refreshing the page].

A multichannel, integrated marketing campaign might be the key to doubling or tripling your profits in 2018. If you would like to discuss your current marketing approach- and how it can be improved- give me a call at (310)212-5727, or email Caleb at
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