When writing to business prospects, remember that business decisions are often made by groups rather than individuals.

Therefore, your product must be positioned in a way that it will appeal to several different people who make decisions based on separate and distinct criteria.

The end-user thinks in terms of quality, the financial officer in terms of costs-effectiveness and the company president in terms of productivity and image.

One way to write to successful to business prospects is to segment your target audience by job title and send each an appropriate customized letter that addresses their individual needs.

However, depending on your budget, you can often address each audience in the same letter by using bullet points in your copy, with each one calling out a different feature of the product and proving benefits that will match each decision maker’s needs.

Here are three different approaches to writing B-2-B copy for an “X-14.”


You’ll find the X-14’s solid construction allows it to function in just about any weather condition.


In a recent test, workers using the X-14 were able to complete their tasks up to 50% faster than with anything else on the market.


When you buy the X-14 in the next 2 weeks, you will be eligible for our 5-year financing plan at just 4%, and that means easy payments of just $150.

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