When you send emails to your clients and prospects, always remember that you are building a relationship with each communication you send.

So make sure every email counts.

Make sure that every email offers your prospects something valuable they can take away from the email and put to use.

By doing this, you’ll give your prospect a reason to look forward to your emails with anticipation.

Consider every email a test: Is your email valuable enough for your prospect to read the next line?

The fact is, the majority (over 70%) of your prospects will look to see who an email is from before they consider opening it – and they are far more likely to open an email from someone they know and trust.

So your emails will get opened and read…

….and the information that you really want your prospect to see will be more likely to get through.

But even more important, you want your email to be recognized as being worth reading.

The average prospect gets between 40 and 100 emails per day despite spam filters (and the number is far higher for business prospects). They regularly open and read no more than 25% of those.

To get opened, your email must displace email from someone they already trust. Always providing them with valuable information will help ensure that happens.

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