Targeting is critical to any marketing campaign.

You always need to know who your audience is … and what they will respond to.

If you market a product or service to investors – or you are raising capital with an equity crowdfunding campaign – you need to know how to target investors.

Knowing how to target this valuable audience will be foundational to getting a high response to your campaign.

Here are 5 powerful keys to supercharging response from investors, based on more than 40 years of advertising to this audience.

Key #1: Investors are just like you and I – they care about themselves.

Potential investors will care about your business for one reason: How will it benefit them?

Always stress the benefits – not the features – of your investment opportunity, and you will get the best response.

Key #2: Target investors who take an active role in their investments.

Not all investors will take an active role in their investments. Many investors leave these decisions to money managers or investment professionals.

If you are marketing a product, service or opportunity geared towards investors, you’ll need to target self-directed investors who enjoy being involved in their investments.

We have a massive database of investors who are actively involved in their own investments … and who are likely to respond to an investment opportunity in your business.

Strategic targeting involves using advanced database modeling, custom lists and look-a-like audiences to identify and reach your “perfect prospects.”

You can learn more about targeting for your equity crowdfunding campaign here.

Key #3: Use a multichannel, integrated campaign to reach investors.

A multichannel, integrated campaign targets and retargets prospects across multiple channels (direct mail, digital, social media and more) to get a high response.

In an integrated campaign, investor prospects will receive your direct mail piece, receive follow-up emails and see your digital ads driving them back to your landing page.

This is a powerful strategy to remind prospects of your offer again and again – and boost response.

Key #4: Direct response copy is the only way to get a response from investors.

Direct response copy is a “you”-oriented style of copy that stresses the benefits of your offer to the prospective investor.

It’s critical that you use direct response copy in all of your marketing materials to the investor – including your direct mail piece, digital ads, landing page, and video.

Key #5: In some cases, you’ll need to know how to exclusively target accredited investors. 

In some cases, you may need to know how to market specifically to a select audience of investors called “accredited investors.”

Accredited investors are individuals (or organizations) who meet certain financial requirements. 8.25% of all U.S. households qualify as accredited investors. 

For example, if you are marketing under Regulation 506C of the JOBS Act, you are limited to marketing your investment opportunity to this select audience of wealthy investors.

Or, it may be the case that you have a product or service that you want to market exclusively to accredited investors.

A multichannel, integrated campaign based on direct mail-filtered data is the best way to reach this audience. This will allow you to strategically target accredited investors only, and not waste your time or money on prospects who aren’t qualified to put capital into your business.


These 5 keys will be a powerful starting point to reaching investors…but there are still additional strategies and tactics you should know to be successful.

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