Amazon has totally transformed the way people buy, shop and make choices as consumers.

It’s also the world’s third largest retailer, and in 2018, generated over $258 billion in sales – not to mention, over $4.5 billion in digital ad revenue.

Everywhere you look, Amazon has a powerful influence. Its recent $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods market has created a massive entry into the traditional retail space, giving special privileges to Amazon Prime members and making it possible to pick up packages in-store.

And, Amazon has created its own wildly popular products, including the Amazon “Alexa” (over 100 million have been sold).

The genius of this massive retailer – and one of the most powerful companies in the world – is that it goes direct to the customer, skipping over in-store retail.

It also holds incredibly powerful transactional data on its 300 million users, making it into a marketing powerhouse.

How do brands and companies compete with this online retailer that offers low prices and a direct-to-consumer experience?

The key is, using Amazon to your advantage….and using direct response tactics to set yourself apart in the “age of Amazon.”

Here are 5 keys for direct marketers to meet the Amazon challenge:

Key #1: Reinvent and re-examine your marketing approach.

Is your current marketing approach effective? You might be making the #1 marketing blunder – using image-based advertising.

Image-based advertising won’t get you accountable results.

You need a scientific approach to advertising that gets you a high response with a low cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale….and sets your product apart from the competition on Amazon.

The best way to do this is integrated, multi-channel marketing. This involves marketing your product or service to prospects and customers across a number of channels, including email marketing, Facebook, banner ads, YouTube pre-roll ads and more.

Key #2: Use direct response copy to capture the attention of your prospects and boost sales. 

Direct response copy uses “you”-orientation, and stresses the benefits, not the features, of your product or service. Direct response copy is what makes prospects feel that they need to buy from you, and that your offer is unique and special.

To learn how to create powerful direct response copy that gets results, read Direct Response Copy in Your Marketing is Critically Important-  Anything Else Will Depress Response.

Key #3: Use Amazon transactional data to market your product or service.

Regardless of whether you sell something on Amazon, you can use their high-level transactional data to create targeted digital ads to potential customers.

Amazon can target your “perfect prospects” based on past buying habits, keyword search history and different demographics.

It’s powerful.

To learn more about general advertising on Amazon, go to Amazon Advertising: 16 Powerful Insights and Tools to Grow New Leads, Expand Your Prospect Base and Boost Profits.

Key #4: Optimize your product on Amazon.

If you do sell your product on Amazon, optimize your sales by doing the following:

  • Use strategic keywords wisely in your title, product description, and in the URL. This will improve keyword search ranking.
  • Ask for customer reviews. Lots of positive reviews and a high star rating are key for proving your credibility and quality on Amazon.
  • Consider running sponsored product ads to boost your visibility and response.

Key #5: Offer a special premium or value-added piece.

Value-added marketing will set you apart from the millions of products sold on Amazon, because it makes the prospect feel that you are there to give to them, not just to sell.

Include a special gift or free premium with your offer, and see sales skyrocket.

Go to 5 Little-Known Reasons Value Added Marketing Will Transform Your Direct Mail Response to learn more about how value-added marketing can boost your sales.

Amazon is here to stay. My advice for you in 2019 is to use direct response, multichannel integrated marketing to set yourself apart from the competition and boost your sales….and to use Amazon advertising to your advantage.


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