Facebook look-a-like audiences are a powerful way to grow your company.

Using this strategic tool, you’ll reach new prospects that “look” like your existing customers. These are prospects who are far more likely to respond to your offer and become loyal customers.

I use Facebook look-a-like audiences for nearly all of my clients, and have seen amazing results. Here are 8 powerful secrets for using look-a-like audiences to grow your leads and sales like never before:


#1: Use the transactional data matrix (TDM) to create a supercharged look-a-like audience.

To create a look-a-like audience, you need to use a custom list. The best type of custom list you can use is one that uses the transactional data matrix (TDM). The TDM identifies your “perfect prospects” using thousands of data points based on real purchases.

When you plug this into Facebook to create a look-a-like audience, the results are awesome. Facebook uses this information to powerfully expand your prospect universe, finding Facebook users that look just like your “perfect prospects.”


#2: Choose the size of your audience strategically.  

The smaller your Facebook look-a-like audience, the more it will look just like your custom list. However, a bigger audience means you have a larger reach.

To determine the best size audience for your campaign, test different audience sizes to see what gets you a better ROI.


#3: Write a powerful headline to immediately capture the attention of readers.

To get the attention of your look-a-like prospects on Facebook, write a powerful headline that tells them how your offer can immediately benefit them.

Take a look at this ad I created for a weight loss supplement:

Facebook Look-a-like Success

“Get Your Top Ten Weight Loss Tips” tells prospects what they can get immediately – and how it will benefit them.


#4: Use sizzling “power” words in your ad.

Use power words like “hot,” “new,” “discover” and “easy” in your Facebook ads to create instant intrigue.

In the example below, note the powerful words: “explosive,” “historic” and“megatrend.”

Facebook Look-a-like Success



#5: Play a video to boost reach and response.

Use a video in your look-a-like ads to get even better reach and response. Facebook algorithms love video, and you can even include captions so that viewers don’t need audio to quickly understand your offer.


#6:  Test different ads to your look-a-like audience.

Test, test, test. Test different copy and visuals to see what kind of ad will get the best response. Here’s an example of a test I performed for a campaign for a weight loss supplement below:

Ad 1:

Facebook Look-a-like Success

Ad 2:

Facebook Look-a-like Success

Can you guess which one got the better response?

Ad 1 outperformed Ad 2 by 38%. Ad 1 has more specific details, and includes a powerful testimony.

For your look-a-like ad campaign, test different ads to see what will perform best. 


#7: Make sure your ads are mobile-optimized.

Remember that up to 70% of your look-a-like prospects will be looking at your ad on their mobile phones. Test your ad on mobile to see what the copy will look like, and make sure it’s streamlined and easy to read.



#8: Use Facebook look-a-like audiences as a part of a multichannel, integrated campaign.

Finally, integrate your Facebook look-a-like advertising with a multichannel marketing campaign.

When used by itself, Facebook can be effective. But when combined with a multichannel, integrated campaign, your response rate will skyrocket.

That’s because your look-a-like prospects will go back to your landing page, where they will be “cookied” and then retargeted with additional digital ads. This means that they will see your offer again and again, and have multiple opportunities to respond.

Using these 8 secrets for using Facebook look-a-like audiences effectively, you’ll see incredible new reach … increased response … and more profits.


If you’d like to talk to me about using Facebook look-a-like audiences to supercharge your business growth now, give me a call at (310)212-5727, or email Caleb at caleb@cdmginc.com.


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