Lead generation of the ultra-wealthy – including high-end investors – takes a different approach than generating leads from the general consumer.

High-end investors are a specific audience that will respond to unique marketing and advertising tactics.

Here are 7 critical insights you must know to market to high-end investors…and how to get profit-boosting response from them.


Insight #1: Accredited investors are individuals who meet certain financial requirements.

An accredited investor is defined as one of the following:

  1. “An individual (or married couple) whose (joint) net worth exceeds $1 million, excluding the value of the primary residence.”
  2. “An individual with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years, or a married couple with joint income exceeding $300,000 for those years, and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year.”

There are 10 million U.S. households that qualify as accredited investors – making up 8.25% of all households.


Insight #2: Data is king.

I use the transactional data matrix (TDM) to target this specific audience and get a supercharged response.

The transactional data matrix (TDM) relies on thousands of points of transactional data – such as what an individual has purchased in the last 6 months, how much they spend on certain commodities and how they have invested their money – to model the “perfect prospect” for your campaign.

For high-end investors, this is a powerful marketing tool that can help you accurately and strategically target investors who will respond to your offer.

I also use postal names to target accredited investors with direct mail – creating a powerful foundation for an integrated marketing campaign, which you’ll learn about next.


Insight #3: Take an integrated, multichannel marketing approach to get a high response from the ultra-wealthy and high-end investors.

An integrated, multichannel marketing approach means that you market to your audience across multiple channels – including direct mail, digital ads, pre-roll commercials, social media, video and more.

Your prospects will be more likely to respond to your offer when they see it again and again. For example, your high-end investor prospects will learn about your offer in your direct mail piece. Then they will receive your follow-up emails, see your digital ads and visit your landing page. This significantly increases response and conversion.


Insight #4: Offer high-end investors a “value-added piece” to build valuable relationship. 

Offering high-end investors an extra “bonus” gift or item builds valuable relationship.

This approach says that you’re there to give to them, not to take from them.

Value-added marketing pieces can include special reports – such as the one shown below.

marketing to wealthy investors

For high-end investors, this additional gesture creates trust and loyalty that can help convert leads into customers.


Or, value-added pieces might include a special item, such as a checklist. For Wine of the Month club, we offered prospects a discounted bottle of wine, cheese board and more.




Insight #5: Direct mail may be your “secret weapon” to targeting high-end investors.

It may sound old school, but direct mail is still one of the most powerful strategies to getting a high response.

Direct mail pieces – such as a 16-page magalog – can help explain offers that require more explanation. For example, I create magalogs for my investment newsletter clients, such as Independent Living.

Direct mail pieces can come in a variety of formats, including a magalog – a piece that looks and feels like a magazine, but is really a sales piece – or a newsalog, a bookalog or sales letter.

Insight #6: Make it personalized.

High-end investors are far more likely to respond to offers that are personalized to them.

For example, when I send out a direct mail piece, I use a special machine that “handwrites” the name and address of the prospect on the envelope.

It looks like this:

marketing to wealthy investors



Insight #7: Send a videolog or 3-D package to make a powerful impression on high-end investors.

The videolog is the “next generation” in direct mail. This powerful new piece actually plays a live video of your offer on a screen inside a booklet or brochure. This makes an immediate impression on the high-end investor that supercharges response.

The only drawback is that videologs are expensive to create – but I anticipate that prices will drop soon.

Another alternative that makes a significant impact on high-end investors is the 3-D package. A 3-D package might include a number of pieces and elements that explain your offer and build powerful relationship with your prospects.

Click here to watch a video about 3-D packages.

For one gold mining client who was looking to attract investment professionals to purchase tickets to a special conference, I created a 3-D package that included:

  • A formal invitation letter (direct response copy) and RSVP card with contact information. …
  • An event itinerary styled as their international passport. …
  • A map of the location in the form of a “travel brochure.” …
  • Colombian coffee, to reinforce the conference location.
  • And most crucially … a wooden treasure chest filled with chocolate gold coins and all the components described above.

This 3-D package received an amazing 48.9% response rate!

Like videologs, 3-D packages are more expensive to create and send, but they get incredible response.

They are ideal for busy prospects who are overloaded with great offers – like high-end investors.

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