is an investment website best known by its founder Jim Cramer. I got a call from his office and visited them in New York. The goal: to grow, expand and make more money.

The Challenge

My CDMG team and I were asked to create a campaign to:

  1. Set apart from The – Establishing as a premium service.
  2. Re-design the existing home page and internal page to more aggressively up-sell and cross-sell.
  3. Establish new premium products – launch and grow them.

The Goal

CDMG’s goal was to develop a direct marketing model of up-selling and cross-selling using direct response copy, graphics and strategy that would ignite a new stream of response, leads and sales.

The Creative Solution

So, here is what we did:

  1. Website redesign. CDMG redesigned and to follow direct marketing rules. We turned both sites into new money machines.
  2. premium service solutions. was positioned as a premium website overcoming the objections of all the free information available on CDMG created a perceived value that excited investors. Thousands signed up, paying a premium price exceeding the client’s expectations by 200%.
  3. New product launches. I identified The Street’s most popular columnists and launched four successful premium newsletters, reality more recurring income. We exceeded projections by 350%.
  4. Cross-selling and up-selling.
    CDMG created for each new premium product:
  • Powerful email campaigns using direct response copy
  • Money making banner ads for home and internal pages
  • A new shopping cart strategy using direct marketing principles to lower the abandonment rate

The Results became the largest premium website in America and had successful premium products to up-sell and cross-sell. New revenue was generated and highly profitable model developed that would exceed past profitability.

How can you increase your leads or sales?

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