If you’re ever frustrated by the number of people who abandon your online shopping cart before completing the purchase, then here is good news.

You can dramatically increase your likelihood of completing the sale with just a few simple steps:

Sale Saver #1: Restate the benefits.

Never use a tombstone shopping cart. It’s death. You need copy reinforcement to keep the sale.

Your shopping cart should include powerful direct response copy that restates the benefits and reiterates the offer.

This reminds your prospect of why he or she clicked the “Buy Now” button in the first place, and is often enough to get them to complete the purchase.

Sale Saver #2: Punch up your shopping cart with direct response art.

Most shopping carts are just plain boring—and don’t remind the prospect why they’re buying. Be sure to include your landing page masthead, along with a photo or two that helps your prospects see themselves benefiting from your product.

Sale Saver #3: No more than two clicks to order.

Make your prospects click too many buttons and many of them will simply click away for good. For best results, strive for a two-click maximum to place the order.

Sale Saver #4: Send an immediate email.

Set up an auto responder to send an immediate message to any prospect who abandons your shopping cart. If the averages are to be believed, this by itself will recover 20% of those lost sales.

Sale Saver #5: Create an exit floater that makes it easy to return to the shopping cart if they abandon it.

Create a floater to target people who are leaving their shopping cart without making a purchase.

For example, you can use the copy, “Forget something?” and then show a picture of the item.

Sale Saver #6: Use banner ad remarketing.

You can use remarketing or retargeting for those who have abandoned your shopping cart—and then to show them banner ads on a variety of sites they visit. It will cut your losses by 30-50%!

Your ads will remind your prospects of why they visited in the first place and many of them will return to make a purchase.

Watch this quick video below to learn more (It’s about 2 minutes long).

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