We’re living in an exciting time financially. Let me share with you why.

If you own a private business or hedge fund, or are an entrepreneur with an idea, you can now target hundreds of thousands of possible investors through direct mail, email, TV, Facebook, Twitter, billboards, videos…virtually any medium you can think of.

With equity crowdfunding, you can now have the capital you’ve always dreamed of so you can develop your business, develop your product or generate marketing money.

No going public, so no disclosing financial information to the stock market. Say goodbye to the mounds of paperwork and expenses that you would have had to process before going through with an IPO.

We can help you understand how it works – equity-based crowdfunding, proper marketing, best practices and what it means for you. 

If you already have a customer base…we can turn it into a huge cash infusion.

Interested in how you can succeed through equity crowdfunding?

My book, 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital, explains it all.

It’s the world’s first comprehensive guide to creating an equity crowdfunding marketing campaign….based on 1,000+ marketing campaigns and over $1 billion in capital raised.

In it, I guide you step-by-step through what you need to know to create a successful equity crowdfunding campaign.

You’ll also discover time-tested strategies and proven insights to help you:

  • Develop a multichannel, integrated marketing campaign — the only kind of campaign that will be worth your time, effort and cash
  • Successfully target investors who will respond to your offer and pull out their wallets
  • Use direct response copy that will get a powerful response…not waste your time on image-based advertising or weak copy
  • Use social media, email, digital ads, video and a landing page for digital marketing with the lowest cost per lead and cost per sale possible
  • Create a direct mail campaign to America’s most active investors that will supercharge response — and bring in the capital you need

Right now, I’m offering this comprehensive guide for 20% off the regular price of $24.95 — only $19.95.

Plus, when you order 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital today, you’ll get a personally autographed copy – at 20% off.

Click here to order your autographed copy of 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital today.

Or, you can give us a call at (310)212-5727 to order over the phone.


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