Start your copy off with a bang…in everything you write, including emails, ads, landing pages and direct mail packages.

Otherwise, they’ll lose interest.

And you’ll lose a sale.

The best way to “start off with a bang” is to put benefits right up front – even in the headline.

Here are some headlines we’ve created for different campaigns:

Discover What You Need to Know About Liberty, Economic Freedom, and Investment Opportunities in 2019

Prospects immediately learn what they will get out of this event – critical knowledge about their rights, their freedom and their money.

Get ready for an astonishing theatrical experience….C.S. Lewis is Coming to Los Angeles

Prospects will be intrigued by an experience that promises to “astonish” them…and claims that C.S. Lewis (a well-loved, but deceased person) is coming to LA.

2008-Style Financial Meltdown Unstoppable: An Economic Time Bomb is now threatening to explode in the United States because of the Deep State, obstructionist politicians and the U.S. Federal Reserve. But one simple step could protect – and grow – your family’s wealth.

Notice how this headline is urgent and attention-catching – predicting a coming “financial meltdown.” Then it tells prospects that by taking just one simple step, they can protect, and even make, more money. 

These headlines are direct and attention-catching…telling prospects what they need to know and why they should keep reading.

Leave “clever” to the image guy…because you actually want to sell something!

After all, your marketing materials aren’t aimed at everybody who sees them – but specifically to your prospects – the ones who want your product.

Use your headline to grab your prospects’ attention immediately, so they will quickly understand that the message is meant for them.

Insurance direct marketers have successfully followed this advice for decades with headlines like: Big Insurance Savings for Nonsmokers and The First Hospital Income Plan Specifically Designed for Mature Adults.

Your headline must contain a benefit and be simple, clear and direct.

Readers travel fast through the jungle of competitive messages. They don’t stop to decipher the meanings of obscure headlines.

On the web, you have to grab your prospects’ attention quickly, because if you don’t, they have thousands of other pages to click to. And they will.

Just remember, if your headline promises your reader something that interests him, he’ll read your marketing message…every time.

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