Integrated, multichannel marketing can help you have a breakthrough in generating response – even from tough audiences.

For example, some of my clients must get prospects to say YES to an expensive yearlong subscription service.

To profitably market and maximize response, using multiple channels to the same names can supercharge your response.

For example, market to the same prospects using:

  • Direct mail
  • Pre-roll video
  • Banner ads
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Retargeting
  • Native ads
  • Conversion series

This is key to growth and profits in any market.

In fact, my marketing agency, Creative Direct Marketing Group, recently won our 90th industry award for an integrated subscription campaign for Strategic Investment newsletter.  Let’s look at the results.

This breakthrough campaign generated:

  • 152, 343 unique visitors to a targeted landing page
  • Over 20,000 leads and subscribers
  • 491, 930 pre-roll views with 47% of viewers watching 50% more of the video

Finally, the campaign quadrupled their subscriber base – an incredible return on investment.

Here’s how I did it:

A Direct Response Newsalog

What’s a newsalog? It looks and feels like a newspaper – but it’s really a sales piece.

Newsalogs may seem “old school,” but they get a remarkable response.

For Strategic Investing, I created a direct response newsalog that gave exciting information about an investment opportunity in a new treatment for cancer.

Inside, readers would also learn about Strategic Investing offers information about other exciting investment opportunities.

A Targeted Conversion Email Series 

Prospects also received a conversion email series, which detailed the same exciting investment opportunity and gave readers a chance to “learn more.”

Here is one of the conversion emails:

Notice that this email includes a video where viewers could discover an exciting “disrupter” that could “change cancer treatment forever.”

Powerful Digital Ads 

Investor prospects were also targeted with a series of digital ads, including Facebook, native and banner ads.

Here’s a banner ad, below:

The banner ad used the same messaging to create intrigue … making prospects want to click to get the full story.

Using the strategies shown above, we were able to create an outstanding response for Strategic Investing – one of the most successful subscription campaigns of 2019 that continues to see return.

If you’d like to discover more about creating a powerful multichannel, integrated campaign, give me a call at (310) 212-5727 or email Caleb at