FreedomFest 2019 was a powerful conference with over 250 speakers and workshops. Many DMU subscribers went. It was great seeing you at the conference!

I gave a talk on 18 Powerful Marketing and Advertising Trends for Business, Organizations, and Politics.

It contained new information about marketing and strategies that I haven’t even put into DMU yet that you should know about.

if you missed the conference and would like to get a copy of the audio recordings, you can click here to order my presentations.

And while you’re at it, I also gave a talk on 7 Little Know Surprises about Deep State Corruption and Abusive Power, the Mueller Investigation, and the Road to Socialism and participated in a panel discussion on voter fraud.

You can also order those here.

It was a powerful, wonderful conference. I wish everyone could have attended. You’ll also find other speeches by John Mackey (the CEO of Whole Foods), Steve Forbes, Stephen Moore and more that you might want to download.

Hope to see you at next year’s FreedomFest!


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