Christians were being massacred in the Middle East.

They were being killed for their faith, kicked out of their villages and brutally attacked.

It was horrific.

So, I was asked by Congressman Dana Rohrbacher to help him with efforts that would help save the Christians from genocide, and give them admittance into the United States.

How did I do it? Multichannel, integrated marketing.

The campaign included:

  • Facebook ads
  • Targeted landing page
  • Powerful petition
  • Email series
  • And more

Here’s how we did it on a small budget that got big budget results.

#1: Strategic Facebook advertising. 

First, my team at CDMG created powerful Facebook ads to reach a targeted audience of people who would be concerned about the genocide happening in the Middle East – specifically Christians.

Here’s what one of the ads looked like:

The attention-grabbing headline got powerful response. In fact, it produced 10, 399 leads for $4,369 for $0.45 per lead – a great ROI.

The Facebook ads drove leads to a targeted landing page….

#2: Targeted landing page.

Then, I created a targeted landing page with powerful, emotion-invoking copy.

Here it is:

The landing page included a single call-to-action: sign the petition below.

#3: A powerful petition.

The landing page included a petition where visitors had the opportunity to sign up and make an impact. Over 100,000 people signed the petition on a shoestring budget. This petition was the basis of activity, activating protection of Christians:

  • Telling the signers which Congressman to contact
  • Alerting the media – sparking national coverage
  • Building a database for future mobilization, donations, voters and more

#4: Response-boosting email series.

Using names we collected from the petition, we then sent a focused email series that asked signers to continue helping spread the word and raise awareness through giving donations.

“Save the Christians from Genocide” was a powerful campaign. It got an incredible response – 100,000 petition signers, totally self-supported by donations.

If you’re interested in creating a powerful campaign for your business, let’s talk. Give me a call at (310)212-5727 or email Caleb at


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