Sometimes, copy that is too bold and confident stretches your prospect’s belief in your credibility. Sometimes, understatement in your copy is better.

An ad was tested:

1 – Why the Price of Silver May Rise Steeply

2 – Why the Price of Silver Will Rise Steeply

“May” (Ad 1) outperformed “Will” by close to 20%. Why?

Your audience knows you can’t predict the unknowable.

But when you build in an understatement, your credibility rises.

The trick is learning when to build in an understatement and when to be bold.

Your audience knows you don’t have a crystal ball that shows you the future, so choose an understatement when your copy sounds impossible or overly confident about the future.

However, it is important to know that overusing words like “may,” “might” and “could” also undermine your message and damages your credibility.

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