Many direct mail pieces today fail to include an important element that will increase your leads or sales: The “lift note.”

Many so-called direct mail experts or ad agencies don’t use it, but should.

Often, a direct mail envelope package needs some extra oomph to convince skeptical prospects and drive them to the response form or landing page.

For most of my clients, if we do an envelope mailing, we create a “lift note.”

Why? It works. It lifts response!

A lift note may be just the response booster you’re looking for.

A lift note is a small piece of folded paper with specific short sales copy. To be effective, it should punch an issue in a quick, succinct way. Tests have shown that a lift note in your direct mail envelope package could increase your response an impressive 5%, 25%–or even more.

Here are 13 additional reasons to use a lift note in your next direct mailing package.

  1. To drive home a key benefit.
  2. To use a powerful testimonial.
  3. To create tension with a time deadline.
  4. To highlight a premium.
  5. To be preemptive in countering an objection.
  6. To include a celebrity or credible source for verification.
  7. To personalize and highlight a guarantee.
  8. To drive home the value proposition, price discount, or savings.
  9. To show an award or recognition.
  10. To highlight your star rating.
  11. To re-explain your USP.
  12. To push phone or texting information.
  13. To upsell or cross-sell.

When used strategically, the lift note can significantly boost your sales and profits.

If you’d like to talk about using a lift note in your next mailing package, call me at (310)212-5727 or email Caleb at


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