Personalizing direct mail or email can increase your response … especially to your leads and/or clients. Here are 6 rules to live by …

#1. Do NOT Over Personalize

Your prospects or clients don’t expect or want you to know everything about them. But it’s powerful to use some personal information to build relationships with your clients and/or prospects and make them feel special. Just don’t force it or you’ll sound insincere.

#2. Include Details

Use your prospects and clients names. But also refer to the number of years they’ve been customers … or make reference to any products they bought in the past … or their birthdays or anniversary.

#3. Use a P.S. if Direct Mail

Oftentimes we’ll use a P.S. in the email, but not very many people read it. However, the P.S. is one of the most-read parts of the direct mail letter, so this is a good area for personalization.

#4. Use a Seasonal Item

For example, if you’re selling Christmas cards, you can say: “Last Christmas, you bought this beautiful card below … would you like to order it again, or would you like something different.” That brings the purchasing history dramatically to live.

Or you could say: “Last year you ordered flowers for your wife. This is a friendly reminder that it’s time to order again.”

That type of personalization an increase response.

#5. Use Their First Name

One of the most powerful words to anyone is there first name. But, use it judiciously. Use it in the salutation. Use it in the letter. Just don’t make it awkward.

#6. Personalize the Response Device

Including the call to action (CTA).

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