In 2020, online sales surge 22% to record $96 billion …

In-person shopping increased by 45% … but crashed -24% in lockdown states.

Here are four powerful statistics about Black Friday sales … predicting things to come.


Stat #1


Online sales surged 21.6%.  Consumers spent a record $96 billion.

This megatrend will continue.

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Part of this increase was the pandemic appearance of transitioning to online sales and the fear of going out, especially in lockdown states.

The average Black Friday spend in 2020 was $27.50 per person.

Target, Best Buy, and Dick’s Sporting Goods were among those posting online sales, but store pickup and curbside pickup increased by 529% compared to last year.


Stat #2


Cyber Monday became the largest online shopping day in U.S. history.  It grew by 15.1% and hit $10.8 billion in sales.


Stat #3


Online sales are at $106 billion so far this year, up 27.7% from last year.


Stat #4


The Big Divide:

Unrestricted states’ Black Friday retail  sales were up 45%.

Lockdown states Black Friday retail sales were down 24%.

Gen X shoppers were the most active Black Friday shoppers.  Millennials in lockdown states stayed home more than older, more at-risk groups over the age of 70.


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