What do you do if you’re confronted by some tough marketing challenges?

  • Overcoming the impact of the pandemic recession…
  • Your product is unheard of…
  • It’s in a space that people are especially skeptical of….
  • And it’s a big ticket item, with a starting price above the $1,000 mark…

Well, you’ve got to get creative, which is what Variel Health International did …

Variel wanted to boost sales of its AromaSpa, a portable aromatic steam capsule.

The problem was, almost no one had ever heard of such a thing … consumers were mistrusting of the medical benefits this alternative booster and body detoxifier was supposed to offer … and one unit cost more than $1,000.

And few were buying new products and services in a bad and uncertain economic climate.

Basically, our marketing team at CDMG had to figure out how to make this luxury product stand out from all the other offerings on the market at the time, build credibility and trust, and invite middle-income and affluent households to purchase it.

Here’s how we did it …

Step #1: Identify the Perfect Prospect

There’s no value in marketing to targets who have no interest in what you’re selling or are cash strapped. So we very carefully selected the prospects who would learn about this wondrous new product Variel was selling.

Today’s keys to the right audience … Transactional Data Model (TDM).

Step #2: Creating that Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Then we had to determine the unique selling proposition for the AromaSpa. What set this product apart from everything else on the market? What made it worth the high price being asked for it?

Step #3: A Direct Mail Piece Over Often Media Was the Cause of the Campaign

Next, my team conceptualized and mailed a dynamic, response-generating direct mail piece that would drive prospects to spend $1,000 to get the luxury item.

The objective was to generate a quality lead.

Since the prospect needed much more convincing, which led us to the next step …

Step #4: A Powerful Follow-Up Campaign

We crafted a follow-up campaign that we sent to prospects.

We perfected the campaign by adding the power-punching endorsement of holistic medical expert Dr. Andrew Weil’s photo and product testimonial … along with other medical expert testimonials and customer testimonials.

Step #5: Making the Offer Irresistible 

We also included a 100% in-home trial, money back guarantee, toll free order and help line, and a free deluxe accessory package that gave perceived value.

And there was also a $100 Special Savings Certificate as a Special Bonus.

Step #6: A Fact-Filled Magalog

To overcome even the highest skepticism, we also created and mailed a 16-page, fact-filled Special Report (which was really a Magalog) containing the creative concept that pulled readers along the buying slope: Ancient healing secrets and modern medicinal research behind this health breakthrough.

When all is said and done, a winning product and winning campaign to the right prospect results in more response.

CDMG helped increase in-home sales of the Aroma Spa 100% over previous efforts.

Since then, the product has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey ShowHome & Garden TVThe Price is Right, and numerous other shows.

Done correctly, this combination of elements created a sense of familiarity and comfort, while overcoming unconscious skepticism through direct response storytelling – our most natural and receptive way to communicate.

If you have any questions email me at craig@cdmginc.com for a free consultation that could solve your marketing dilemma.

Want to see what a magalog is? Watch the video brief on magalogs. Click here to watch – it’s about 4 minutes.