Testimonials can boost your response…Sometimes dramatically.

Here are 7 secrets my ad agency uses to help our clients:

Secret #1 – Don’t use models, perfect people, or smooth testimonials. They aren’t believable.

Secret #2 – Use iPhone for video, not professional videos.

Secret #3 – Use star ratings by testimonials.

Secret #4 – Use a people picture, the more average the person the better. The person your marketing people don’t want to show probably will be the best.

Secret #5 – You’ll get a 12% increase when you say “letters” or “emails” on file.

Secret #6 – 52% increase when the testimonial is in the same state as the prospect. A state or city increases credibility and curiosity.

Secret #7 – Use a pre-head above the testimonial and always put a written testimonial in quotes.

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