Box and subscription marketing is exploding… and our experience using direct response marketing to become successful is unmatched in the industry.

Let me tell you our story.

Caleb Huey met with David Bakey of Harry’s, a B2C men’s grooming brand. Here’s their exciting interview, packed with valuable insights on the strategies that Harry’s uses to deliver a high-quality user experience, earn loyalty and build valuable brand positioning in his subscription-based service.

Caleb: What do you see as a trend in subscription marketing and in your segment of the men’s care products?
David Bakey: Digital ad networks are shrinking. Instead, traditional marketing channels like TV, radio and even podcasts are growing. Omnichannel and diversification of a marketing portfolio mix will be advantageous to any company.

Special offer from Harry’s

I’m also seeing a shift back to segmented landing pages and other traditional direct response tactics. New brands are being elevated as experiences and spending a little more on higher quality packaging of their products, as well as higher quality marketing materials.

Caleb: What separates Harry’s from competitors and how do you use that positioning to stand out above competitors?
David Bakey: We focus on an elevated experience. We are a great product for a fair price, and that comes across in the quality of every experience that you have with our brand. We even go above and beyond when someone cancels their subscription. For instance, one customer, an older lady, called to let us know that she had to cancel because her husband had passed away. Our team sent her flowers and a letter. I think that that kind of elevated experience makes a company great. We do things like this without any expectation of getting anything in return, other than a great reputation.

Caleb: What is the one thing you would share with other marketing directors and entrepreneurs?
David Bakey: Do things that enhance rather than scale the user’s experience – like the way we helped that lady, or sending handwritten thank you notes, or offering higher quality add-ons. These gestures help build loyalty….and a good reputation. Enhancing our user experience has certainly helped us with our positioning as a great quality product at a fair price.

Caleb: What’s next? Do you see trends in marketing on the horizon or for your brand, specifically?
David Bakey: I think the shift that I mentioned earlier will continue to grow. A global multichannel marketing approach will continue to expand, as there are more and more outlets for growth and sales. International markets will continue to grow for us, and we’ll need to understand what channels work in different places of the world. It will be interesting to see what new channels will emerge but integrating with multiple channels will continue to be a significant theme.

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