Starting in February, Instagram will remove the shop tab from the in-app navigation bar.

What Instagram plans to do is add a shortcut to create content in the center of the navigation bar, and a real shortcut, in an attempt to create content creation and consumption.

Here are 4 things you should know:

#1: The Meta-owned platform has lost market share in 2 quarters, and Zuckerberg has found himself caught between the anti-business/anti-marketing Meta staff and the marketplace.

Those on Facebook are continually hit with restrictions and downsizing of options for targeting audiences.

On the other hand, global social e-commerce markets will reach $1.2 Trillion by 2025… That’s up from $492 billion in 2021. There’s a natural uptick in e-commerce and an audience who wants it… and marketers who want good ROI.

#2: Instagram appears to be expanding its private tagging capabilities by launching a payment feature through chat— “Now when a customer messages you about an item, you can request a payment from them directly in the chat.”

This is sending mixed messages to marketers as to what’s next.

#3: They also halted their live shopping feature on Facebook, and Instagram employees were told that the company was scaling back the shopping features. It seems that they are reverting back to what they consider to be their “core” business model of content engagement connections, supported by paid advertising.

However, paid advertising, of course, is shrinking as marketers look elsewhere for better ROI.

#4: Navigation bar replacements, which focus on content creation and reels, is also trying to prioritize its Tik-Tok like features.

Tik-Tok, from a marketing standpoint, is a minefield with the politicization of Tik-Tok, and State Attorney Generals, politicians, and conservative consumers disturbed by the Chinese owning the site and probable collection of American user’s data, even on kids. Despite that, Tik-Tok is experiencing explosive growth.

Instagram still, if done right, can be used as a marketing campaign, but its potential is far greater, and its ROI will be shrinking.

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