In direct mail, the most common formats are:

  • Envelope mailings
  • Postcard mailings
  • Self mailers

There are, of course, many other formats including Videologs (see video briefing), catalogs, Bookalogs (see video briefing), three-dimensional (see video briefing) mail and much, much more.
The power of the Magalog

   The Magalog is an excellent way to dramatically present your product or service.
   It looks like a magazine, feels like a magazine, but it’s not a magazine. It’s a powerful direct response tool to create a breakthrough campaign.

The diversity of the Magalog
I’ve created Magalogs that market a diverse range of products and services, such as business-to-business software, products for human resource directors, reverse mortgages, alternative health products and investment products and services and much more.
A Magalog is an infomercial in print.

   For customers, it stands out.
   For business-to-business advertising, it gets past the gatekeeper.
   For both, you’ll get a powerful response. Cut through the clutter and skepticism.

To watch a brief video that explains and shows examples of Magalogs, click here.
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