It’s imperative that you avoid distractions on your marketing landing page.
The entire purpose of a direct marketing landing page is to generate leads or sales. But too often “web techies” get in the way.
Here are three common sales killers from the “web techies.”
Sales killer #1 – Navigation options
More times than not, a landing page will provide prospects with navigation options.
But keep this in mind—navigation options kill response. Unfortunately, web techies insist that there be multiple navigation options on websites they create.
One navigation horror is to let the prospect determine by navigation options what they want to read. It’s destructive to the sales process.
Sales killer #2: How “techie” copy and graphics lower response
Similar problems also exist in the copy of the website. Web techies often create each page so that it has very short copy, forcing prospects and visitors of the site to keep clicking in order to continue reading the sales copy.
Unless the links you post are a step to further the sales process, forcing your visitor to click will only serve as a distraction.
The fact is, with every click you lose a prospect or customer—causing your sales to drop dramatically.
Scrolling drives web techies crazy, but scrolling is what increases your response. Don’t interrupt your sales copy and the psychology behind the sales process.
Sales killer #3: Shopping cart web techie blunders
Web techies are also out of control when it comes to the order process. They create shopping carts that force your customers to make multiple clicks during the sales process. Death!
Just as bad, web techies don’t use sales reinforcement, in the shopping cart process. Sales reinforcement, such as the Positive Acceptance Statement and copy that clearly explains the product and its benefits, is necessary. Without it, the prospect is likely to get cold feet.
Web techies love tombstone-shopping carts. In other words, shopping carts that are nondescript and don’t do much to make the product come alive.
A shopping cart should visually and graphically show things like bonus reports, premiums, guarantees, people enjoying the product and other techniques that help your prospect make a positive buying decision.
Follow the rules, not the criticism
Web techies try to suspend the psychology of the sales process and proven direct marketing rules.
If your landing page is being completely controlled by the web techies, it is time to change. You’ll be surprised at the increase in response if you follow the direct response rules.
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