At FreedomFest this year, my topic was “18 Amazing New Marketing Trends & Breakthroughs to Grow or Launch a Product or Service Despite the Government.” Here are the 18 trends I discussed. Note the video briefs by subject.
Trend #1: Anti-Marketing Madness: Revise Website Strategy [video brief]
Trend #2: Shopping Cart Insanity [video brief]
Trend #3: The New Integrated Marketing [article brief]
Trend #4: New Life: Banner Ads & Remarketing/Retargeting [video brief]
Trend #5: Direct Mail Resurgence
Trend #6: Retromarketing: Newsalog [video brief]
Trend #7: Videolog: The Powerful Merging of Video and Direct Mail [video brief]
Trend #8: The Rules of Email Are Changing [video brief]
Trend #9: The Facebook Targeting Advantage
Trend #10: The Digital Video Explosion
Trend #11: Supercharging Exhibit Marketing
Trend #12: Native Advertising Boom
Trend #13: Concentrate on Your Database
Trend #14: Expand Globally
Trend #15: Profiling & Pursuit
Trend #16: Reevaluate Your Offer [video brief]
Trend #17: Using Copy that Sells [video brief]
Trend #18: JOBS Act/Crowdfunding Marketing [video brief]
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