You’ve got a great product or service at a great price. Half of your creative team wants to place the price prominently on your webpage and the other wants to bury it further in the page. Decisions, decisions.
The “show the price” group argues that placing the price prominently will let your prospects know right away how much the product or service will cost so you can confront any potential price objections.
The “hide the price” group thinks it’s better to draw the prospects further into the site and then roll out the price after the prospects have become emotionally invested in the product or service.
So which strategy gets better results? Let’s look:
TEST: Two versions of the same webpage were created. One showed the price; the other didn’t.
For response-measuring purposes, the prospects had to click at the bottom of the page to jump to an order page. The test lasted 2 weeks.
Which do you think had the better conversion rate?
RESULT: As you might have guessed, removing the price from the page did result in more traffic. The non-price page had 3,858 hits and the price page had 2,837 hits.
However… and this is a big however… the non-price page had only 32 sales compared with the price page’s 41 sales. In other words, the conversion rate was lower with the non-price page by a full 6.6%.
The key lesson here is to test. If you need help testing your website or landing page, or need a hand developing a site that delivers results, call (310) 212-5727 or email me at