In the marketing process, avoid navigation options unless they will help you generate sales.
If necessary, for your email, landing page, websites, native advertising, and more, use navigation options sparingly if at all. The technical term for this option is a “hypertext link”.
7 Rules to follow when using hypertext links
Rule #1. The link must help, not distract from, the sales process. Ask yourself if it is absolutely necessary before adding it to your copy.
Rule #2. All hypertexts need to be in blue. Your prospects expect that and it;’s what they identify with.
Rule #3. Underscore all hypertexts.
Rule #4. Ensure that after people have clicked to the link your provided, they can easily get back to your site and to the same page and spot they were at before they clicked through.
Rule #5. Ensure that once they retunr to the sales copy they were reading, the hypertxt link turns purple so that they remember that they already clicked it.
Rule #6. Be consistent. Make sure all the links you are sending people to are consistent with no variation from the above. A lack of consistency will result in confusion, loss of opportunities and potential loss in sales.
Rule #7. Check all links — always — to make sure they are right and work.
Review all of your hypertext links. Do they follow these rules? If not, you’re most likely losing your prospects’ interest and potential sales.
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