Power words.
They will help you create more leads or sales.
These words get your product noticed, and make it virtually impossible for your prospects to ignore your product or service. Power words make your prospects take action.
Influencing your prospects to take action
Do you ever hear an advertisement on the radio or TV or read something in a direct mail piece or on the web that gets you excited enough to want to purchase the product or service right away?
I guarantee that in these cases, the marketer is using power words.
Power words alert your prospects and grab their attention. Instead of announcing or describing the product like hot words do (see here), power words are packed with action.
10 Power words to use in your next campaign:
1. Own
2. Get
3. Control
4. Take
5. Capture
6. Try
7. Enjoy
8. Seize
9. Grab
10. Have
Examples of how to use power words in a sentence:
1. It’s time to get control of your health and enjoy your life.
2. Seize this opportunity and have the future you dreamed of.
Creating copy that pulls the prospect in 
Remember, you only have a few minutes or sometimes just seconds to grab your prospect’s attention.
Choose each word carefully and make to use power words that motivate your prospect to want or better yet — need — what you have to offer.
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