Many direct mail pieces today fail to include an important element that will increase your leads or sales.
Many so-called direct mail experts or ad agencies don’t use it, but should.
Often, a direct mail envelope package needs some extra oomph to convince skeptical prospects and drive them to the response form or landing page.
For most of my clients, if we do an envelope mailing, we create a “lift note.”
Why? It works. It lifts response!
A lift note may be just the response booster you’re looking for.
A lift note is a small piece of folded paper with specific short sales copy. To be effective, it should punch an issue in a quick, succinct way. Tests have shown that a lift note in your direct mail envelope package could increase your response an impressive 5%, 25%–or even more.
Here are 2 tactics you can use to maximize the effectiveness of a lift note:

  1. Counter an objection

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and imagine what the main objection could be to your offer. Then, design a lift note that counters that objection.
For example, many people believe owning more than one Visa or MasterCard may hurt their credit. One credit card offer contained a lift note that explained that it’s perfectly okay to own two MasterCards or two Visas.
The package with the lift note beat the package without a lift note by 17%.

  1. Address a different theme than your sales letter

A good sales letter only has one theme. If you have an additional major sales point to make, a lift note can help you.
For instance, to continue using the credit card example, say that the thrust of your letter is the card’s low interest rate.
In your lift note, you could mention that your low-rate card also has the most generous rewards program among low interest rate credit cards.

  1. Let someone else do the talking

A lift note is a great place for a testimonial, too. If your product or service has a fantastic testimonial, a lift note can be an effective way to make it pop and stand out.
In our credit card example, you could use a testimonial from a respected financial publication mentioning it’s the best consumer card available.
If your envelope campaign is looking for that little something extra, remember that a lift note may just be the response secret you’re looking for.
For more little-known direct marketing tactics, see my short video. Click here.
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