Buckslip from CapitolOne

Let’s take a look at the unique effectiveness of buckslips for your traditional envelop direct mail.
A buckslip is a single page mini-flyer that lays unfolded in the envelope along with your sales letter, response device, and business reply envelope. It’s an effective way to grab attention and drive prospects to the sales letter of your response device.
Why use a buckslip? Because if it’s done right, it will probably increase your response 15-25%.
If you’re looking to boost response with a this tool, here are 7 important considerations:

  1. Use the buckslip to dynamically punch one aspect of your offer. Is your offer unbeatable? Is the offer for a limited time or in limited quantities? Is there an added bonus for ordering now? Tell your prospect clearly and directly with a buckslip.
  1. Your buckslip copy should be at least 12pt type with a striking headline in 14pt or event 16pt type. As your prospects sifts through the pieces of the mailing package, your buckslip should immediately stand out and clearly pitch your theme or offer to reel in copy skimmers.
  1. Of course, all of the direct response copy rules should be followed. Your headline should be you-oriented, bold, and stress benefits. Use short, vibrant sentences of less than 12 words. Use bullets to summarize benefits.
  1. Eye-catching graphics are a plus. Your prospect will most likely see the buckslip immediately upon opening up the package. Graphics will draw the eye to the buckslip and summarize the copy.
  1. A buckslip is a great place to outline a premium. For example, if you are using a free Special Report as a premium, including exciting bullet copy on its content.
  1. Don’t forget the buckslip has two sides. You can use both sides in unison to punch a particular theme or use one side to punch the offer and one side for credibility copy such as testimonials or reviews. You may want to include pictures of the writers to further grab attention.
  1. Make sure to include your toll-free order number and website URL. Your buckslip could immediately drive the prospect to act.

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