Profitable TV spots are used when there is a board market. But TV commercials can also be successful even for more vertical markets.

  • Christian
  • Wealthy
  • Sports
  • Parenting
  • Finance/Investments
  • And more

I’ve created over 400 TV commercials and videos (13 infomercials) and tested hundreds of variables.
So, when I got a call to create a TV commercial out for prospects with estates of $3 million or above, I was excited.
Barry Kaye had been running a number of lead-generating TV spots for his specialized estate planning services for the wealthy that no longer produced desired results. What’s more, competition for his services had increased, and a barrage of messages hitting the target audience of those with estates valued at over $3 million.
Barry Kaye
My staff at CDMG and I created a series of brand new 30- and 60-second commercials.
Each commercial contained the following elements:

  1. It was attention-grabbing.
  2. It made clear the credibility of Barry Kaye
  3. It was “informational” (i.e. the prospects learned some key facts just by watching); and
  4. It had a very strong offer of a FREE book or special report.

Results were phenomenal and increased his leads and reach.
Far exceeding expectations and dramatically pulled qualified leads better than the old TV commercials.
Client Barry Kaye said: “The commercials you wrote have been super winners. In fact, we are receiving 3 times as many calls than our past spots, generating many qualified leads.
Once again, I know why, after over 30 years in the business, you are the first agency that really understands us and gets results!”
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