Millennials are the most plugged-in generation yet.
63% of them do their shopping on-line with a smartphone.
But are they ditching the stores to surf the net?
Not exactly.
53% or Millennials still purchase good in stores.
84% of Millennials are using their phones in the stores to help them with their shopping!

Millennials on their phones! (Credit:

The majority (53%) are using their phones to find coupons or research a discount.
A surprising 65% use their phones while waiting in line to buy something, too!
What about purchasing items with their phones?
A paltry 14% of purchasers use their phones to finish a sale.
34% of Millennials use their phones to look up product reviews.
42% use printed coupons … which they have downloaded.
22% follow social media and learn from their friends what to purchase.
Conclusion: Millennials are using their phones more, but not in place of going to store, but to complement and assist their purchases.
Marketers should gear toward facilitating in-store purchases with on-line offers, perks, and sales.
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