There are only 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Your small window is rapidly closing.
There’s no time for a complete redesign of your website.
But there are a few quick adjustments you can make to rev up your online sales potential.
Here are 8 of them to accomplish as soon as possible:

  1. Make sure your email, paid search ads, banner ads, and Facebook ads are relevant to your landing page. If prospects click through and can’t quickly see what they are searching for, you won’t generate sales. That’s why your landing page must make it clear that they are in the right place. If you don’t have a specific landing page in place for your paid search ads right now, try linking ads to a product-specific page instead of your generic homepage.
  1. Create urgency. Tell your prospects exactly how much time they have left to take advantage of your special seasonal discounts. Also tell them that they must order by a certain date to receive their merchandise in time for Christmas. typically displays this in the top-right corner as the big day draws near.
  2. Double-check your offer details, guarantee, shipping procedures, and return policy for clarity. Customers want to see these 6 things on your website:
  • Free shipping for orders
  • Plenty of product details
  • An easy return policy
  • Prepaid shipping for returns
  • A clear guarantee
  • Social proof: ratings and testimonials


  1. Say “Merry Christmas.” Just “Happy Holidays” will depress sales and turn off over 25% of your prospects.


Is your website ready for Christmas shopping? (Credit:

  1. Make sure your site has a gift center. An icon that leads to a gift center is an excellent idea because curiosity will prompt prospects to click. Everyone needs gift ideas—or at least the reassurance that what they’re looking for would make a great gift


  1. Help prospects easily find what they need. If you have multiple products available through the Christmas season, be sure your site lets prospects sort by variables such as category, price range, age, and interests.


  1. People like to see the words “most popular gifts.” It gives them confidence to know that others are also rushing to get these gifts. Your site must include an area that highlights these items.


  1. Create a new category for unique gifts. People also appreciate the option of sending unique gifts. Give these items a specific area on your site.

Make sure to send out an email update to your database driving them to your special sections.
Stay tuned to Direct Marketing Update for more Christmas marketing strategies.
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