Small, niche, skeptical audiences? How do you successfully market to them?
Let’s take a look at one example my team and I worked on: an industry award-winning campaign.
Giltspur is a leading designer of high-end custom trade show exhibits, and  had a fantastic new product, GilCor®. Because GilCor® is a breakthrough construction material with far-reaching, cost-saving features, Giltspur needed to tell this story to high-level decision makers in large companies.

This poses a problem: traditional direct mail, email, banner ads, phones … will all be a waste of time and money.
But we had a creative solution.
My staff and I came up with a dynamic three-dimensional, two-part campaign to their targeted audience: trade show managers and marketing directors.
A three dimensional piece is a box sent by Fed Ex. It has a powerful direct response letter and powerful content that has a “wow effect”. It gets by the gatekeepers and is approved.
The first box said on the outside, “Open immediately! Cost-cutting breakthrough inside.” It included scissors and three sample invoices for shipping, and for the setting up and tearing down of a trade show exhibit. The point: how 25% to 40% of typical costs could be saved with GilCor®. A two-page letter was included.
This was followed three days later by Box #2 which was “A special gift: a dollar saved.” It included one-dollar and two-dollar bills with the headline: “Make every dollar in your trade show budget work like two with GilCor®.” This also included a two-page letter and a strong offer.
The results were dramatic…and incredibly profitable!
Client Richard Murphy says: “Craig, you and your staff are to be commended for a remarkable campaign…the best ever for Giltspur.
“Our goal was to generate appointments from 10% of the target audience. Your very creative direct mail program helped us garner over 20% response. Fantastic!”
“Even better, the appointments have resulted in sales of custom exhibits.”
“Your 3-D mailing was attention-getting, powerful and very fitting for the image we want to portray in the industry.”
“I am ecstatic with the results and with your staff. I’d be glad to give you a recommendation.”


This promotion was so successful it won the Business Marketing Association award for professional excellence.
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